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Physiotherapy Session


First Class Senior Care provides two types of Assessments where we devise an individualized home care plan or provide a safety assessment for the Seniors current living environment.

In Home Care Plan Assessment

In an initial assessment visit with the Senior and/or family members we will identify specific needs of the client with an evaluation of some but not necessarily all of the following:

  • Current Living Assessment

  • In Home Safety Assessment ( Also provided as a solo service. See below)

  • Client Self-Assessment of Lifestyle

  • Client involvement in Acts of Daily Living (ADL) includes, bathing, dressing, grooming & feeding

  • Support system

  • Dietary compliance and challenges

  • Medication management system being used

  • Discuss medical care plan provided by doctors, nurses and/or caregivers

  • Psychological behavior/temperament

  • General status of monthly assets and expenses to help determine options to meet needs

  • Create emergency contact list


Safety Assessment

For Seniors physical living environment we help prevent falls and give families a peace of mind that all potential hazards and risks are addressed, modified and identified for their loved ones.

Assessments: Text
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